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    Jason Scheide has been working in the Toronto security industry since 1994. A graduate of York University and a certified locksmith, he has used his skills and knowledge to help people feel more secure in their homes and protect businesses from the unnecessary disruption caused by burglars.

    In Toronto, security is sales driven. Many security systems are designed with incomplete knowledge. A salesman from an alarm company will look at a broken window after a break and enter and recommend a strobe light added to the alarm system. The salesman won't recommend window bars because that is not a product he sells.

    Locks, keys, alarm systems, CCTV systems, guard response and patrols, window and door reinforcement are all a part of your security system. Use a security consultant to integrate all the components of your security system.

  • Security System Design

    A security audit is the first step to finding vulnerabilities in your home or business. I inspect phone lines, windows, doors, hinges, locks, landscape and electronic security. Using principles of CPTED I can often make inexpensive improvements to secure your premise.

    Your locks are your first line of defence against a burglar. I often say you need good quality deadbolt locks on all exterior doors. An inspection will show if your locks are working properly and if they are good quality.

    A professional burglar alarm system is a standard in Toronto today. Many systems fail when you need them most. During inspection we will test the system discover flaws and defects in your alarm system.

    Value is paramount in what I do. At each step in the process I make recommendations to get more out of your security dollar. One product may offer a money saving feature that another does not. Adding a smoke detector makes your burglar alarm system a fire alarm system and could save you additional money on your insurance.

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